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Hisham Eldardiry

Hisham is a postdoctoral research associate at the Critical Infrastructure Systems (CIS) Lab at Cornell University. Hisham’s research agenda is dedicated to advancing our understanding of the complex dynamics within water-energy systems while designing actionable scientific solutions to achieve long-term security and sustainability.

  • (2021) PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • (2016) PhD in Systems Engineering
  • (2014) MSc in Civil Engineering
  • (2010) BSc in Civil Engineering

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Water Energy
Dynamics - Security - Sustainability

The overarching theme of Hisham’s research agenda aims to "understand the dynamics in the water-energy system while designing actionable scientific solutions to achieve long-term security and sustainability". Hisham's research agenda is geared towards fostering advancements in fundamental and applied science domains by achieving three key objectives:

  1. Understanding the dynamics of water-energy systems, both independently and as an interconnected nexus, at regional and global scales.
  2. Enhancing infrastructure resilience (anthropogenic/human driver) against extreme events (natural driver) while addressing challenges posed by climate change, transboundary river systems, geopolitical complexities, and socioeconomic constraints.
  3. Advancing modeling capabilities of water- energy systems using integrated modeling (e.g., physics-based, and data-driven models) and remote sensing techniques .

Science Outreach

Global Equity in Scientific Research (GESR)

A key focus of Hisham's research involves translating findings into impactful practices, aiming to catalyze societal change. Inspired by research challenges in developing nations, Hisham introduced his vision for “Global Equity in Scientific Research” (GESR), drawing its essence from the Arabic word for “bridge”. The GESR vision is grounded in the firm belief that every individual, regardless of background, should have equal access and meaningful participation in the global scientific research.
Hisham's efforts to support GESR vision are centered around capacity building at three levels of practice: academia, stakeholders and policy makers, and the public. As part of Hisham's commitment to capacity building, Hisham actively engages in diverse outreach and Public Relations (PR) activities.


Supportive - Conciseness - Organized - Practicability - Engaging (SCOPE)

Hisham’s Teaching Philosophy is anchored on the SCOPE values [Supportive, Conciseness, Organized, Practicability, and Engaging], and reflects a dedication to cultivating an active learning environment, fostering interdisciplinary courses, and promoting inclusive education.


University of Washington

  • NASA/CNES SWOT Virtual Hackathon Support Team (2020)
  • Water Resources Capstone Design (2017-2020)
  • Assistant Instructor, Google Earth Engine Sessions, WaterHackWeek (2019)
  • Quantitative Water Resources Management (2019)

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

  • Engineering Hydrology (2015)
  • Water Resources Capstone Design (2015)
  • Engineering Hydraulics (2013)

Alexandria University

  • Design of Hydraulic Structures (2012-2016)
  • Advanced Hydrology (2016)
  • Computer Applications in Hydraulics (2013)
  • Fluid Mechanics (2012)

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Hollister Hall, Room 209
527 College Ave, Ithaca, NY 14853, USA

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